The Ageing Room

Not Just Any Room

At Protein in Moorabbin, we have installed our own high tech ageing room.

Our room maintains a constant temperature of 1 degree Celsius. We have a humidity level of no less than 75% and no higher than 85% while the beef ages. Controlled wind speeds of 0.2 - 0.7 metres per second, ensure a well aged meat. Plus the latest infrared lighting to reduce risks of contamination while the meat is left to age.

Age Yourself

If you would like to own your own piece of gorgeous beef, we offer an ageing service to our retail customers for free, for the meat that is purchased at our store.

You can choose your cut of loin you wish to purchase from us, then we will age it expertly for you at no charge. You can come in when it is ready to collect, and we will ready your meat into a number number of steaks that is cut from your selected loin.

Argie Cuts

Argie (Argentinian) cuts are our preferred method in hanging and ageing our beef.

The Argie cut simply ages best, as beef ages best on the bone, and with the primal intact on the argie, there are less exposed surfaces. Through this the precious meat is protected and becomes a melt in your mouth delectable experience.